Welcome and thanks  for stopping in to visit my website.  I am a career coach, business consultant, speaker, author, workshop facilitator and performer of a theatrical production.  It is my hope that we can discover ways to engage in the accomplishment of our mutual visions and goals.  Partnership and collaboration are keys to progress and success.

Patricia Leonard Career Speaker

Patricia Leonard Career Speaker

RUNWAY TO SUCCESS  has a mission to …

Offer Affordable CoachingProvide  Networking –  Stress Planning – Maintain Motivation

 RUNWAY TO SUCCESS is a coaching and progress driven organization focused on supporting individual and business in accomplishing commitments.  Goals are set, plans are developed and progress is bench marked.  Accountability is the key success factor.

Today our society is facing a new awakening, one that is leaving individuals in search of personal connection and value-added contribution.  The lines between personal and professional desires and goals are blurring at record speed.  Merging generations have created a new set of life and career expectations and opportunities.  It is clear that people are the key investment for our business and organizations and we as individuals must be about growth both personally and professionally.

Are you:

CORPORATE ENVIRONMENT searching for ways to develop leadership for maximizing company success?

An INDIVIDUAL looking for support, motivation and a plan for following your dreams and goals?

An ORGANIZATION interested in increasing creative approaches to providing value to the members?

An EVENT PLANNER exploring unique avenues for attracting conference participants?______________________________________________________________


Schedule a free 30 minute coaching and exploring session.

Value-added Services 

  • Talent and Leadership Development
  • Personal and Professional Goal Clarification
  • Training integrating Education, Engagement, Empowerment Execution and Entertainment
  • Career Search Tools and Services – (Goal Clarification, Plan, Resume Writing, Interviewing and Negotiating)


6 Responses to Home

  1. Nita G Riley says:

    thanks for connecting with me on LinkedIN. I am always so proud to see women step to the forefront and make a difference in our society. We need more innovative women to make a difference.

    Let’s make a difference with a strong force.

    To Your Continued Success,
    Nita R
    Blogging Consultant with Empower Network

  2. Stephen Martin says:

    I am so pleased we were able to connect, and on so many levels. Your straightforward, minimum nonsense approach was just what I needed and at the time I needed it. I am the beneficiary of your boundless knowledge and relentless enthusiasm. Thank you!

    • Patricia says:

      Thanks so much. it is amazing how people are more alike than different when we speak from the heart!!! Patricia Leonard

  3. Sherrine Hester says:

    You go Girl! Love you and all you are! I want to pass the word on about your motivational speaking and workshops that everyone can use! You are a powerful positive asset for any group or company to instill a fun time that will boost moral and make Lasting memories & impressions for everyone! I hope you will pick up “YOUR” phone and call her now!

  4. Stephen Kozy says:

    Hi Patricia,
    We are connected on LinkedIn, and decided to visit your website; very unique and really fits your content. When you have a moment, please contact me about possibly becoming a client. I’ve started started making some videos on YouTube to go along with three Fox17 interviews.
    Cheers, Steve

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