Hello, Self… moments help turn “cant’s” into “cans” and dreams into plans.

Welcome to the Hello, Self… Podcast with Patricia Leonard

Hello, Self… is a biweekly podcast focused on inspiring stories of turning dreams into reality. Join coach and author Patricia Leonard and her guests as they share life-changing Hello, Self… moments. Here, host Patricia Leonard introduces the show, her “why”, who she is, the stories and insights she’ll share, and much more.

"Life As a Journey," with Patricia Leonard

On this episode of Hello, Self…, host Patricia Leonard explores living life as a journey rather than just a series of events. She shares her own experience of following inspiration and how she helps her clients make their own lives a meaningful journey.

Hello, Self… is presented by Patricia Leonard & Associates  and produced by Arlia Hoffman in association with the North Fulton studio of Business RadioX®.

Pam Tate and C4: Performers from "High Heels Cabaret"

On this episode of Hello, Self…, host Patricia Leonard welcomed Pam Tate and C4, artists who were featured on “High Heels Cabaret.” They shared about their journeys as performers and offered their advice for other artists. They then reflected on their experience at High Heels Cabaret, its impact, the NECAT studio, their upcoming projects, and much more.

The show was August 25th in Nashville at NECAT’s Peg Studios. Proceeds from the show benefitted two local non-profits: The Nashville chapter of Women in Film and Television and Nashville Education, Community, and Arts Television (NECAT).

"High Heels Cabaret" on Hello, Self...

Host Patricia Leonard is joined by Arlia Hoffman of The Women’s Agency as they announce Patricia’s new production, “High Heels Cabaret.” Patricia shared about what the metaphor of the high heel means, the mission of the Cabaret to engage, inspire and entertain, and its impact on the performers. Patricia gave all the details, and the nonprofits that will benefit from the ticket sales. She also highlighted this as an effective tool she uses with organizations as a performance-based workshop.

Jenny Anne, Performer, Producer and Photographer

Jenny Anne, a musician, performer, producer and photographer, joined host Patricia Leonard to talk about her life, balancing her craft while raising a family, the power of performing, believing in yourself, and doing the work that is meaningful. She and Patricia also talked about the new talk show Jenny Anne is co-hosting, her Facebook community, and much more.

Morelia Cuevas, Rhinestone Heiress

Morelia Cuevas, known as the Rhinestone Heiress, joined host Patricia Leonard for a lively conversation about her famous family, her unique childhood and the lessons she’s learned. She and Patricia talked about being real, helping each other in the entertainment industry, her reflections on life, and much more.

Edie Hand, Author of "Women of True Grit"

Edie Hand, author of Women of True Grit, and founder of the community by the same name, joined host Patricia Leonard to discuss her life experiences that have shaped her work, her books, and the wisdom she’s gained. She and Patricia discussed what it means to have grit, the value of stories, resilience, and much more.

Inga Cavitt, Authenticity Strategist

Inga Cavitt, former engineer turned entrepreneur and Authenticity Coach, was the guest on this episode of Hello, Self… She shared with host Patricia Leonard how she transitioned out of a corporate career into her own business, the transferrable skills, her approach to coaching, the importance of building authentic connections, the benefits she sees in social media, why she developed her Savvy Survey System, and much more.

Irma Herrera, Writer, Solo Performer, Social Justice Activista

Irma Herrera, writer, performer and activist, was Patricia’s guest on this episode of Hello, Self…They discussed Irma’s work in social justice, culture and bias, her show, and more.

Stanley Karr, On-Air Personality

Stanley Karr, On-Air Personality, talked with Patricia about knowing he always wanted to be in broadcasting and loved watching the news as a kid. He discussed the journey in life of experimenting to find his true passion, how hard work pays off, building his brand, being a positive influence, and much more.

Esther Bailey-Bass, EBB 'n Flow Lifestyle | Leadership Coaching, LLC

Esther Bailey-Bass, Founder and CEO of EBB ‘n Flow Lifestyle | Leadership Coaching, joined Patricia on this episode. Esther described the nudges and intuition that led her into coaching, how she experiences that inner voice, her approach to coaching, and several pivotal life experiences with “Hello, Self” moments. This lovely conversation is full of wisdom and warmth.

Sunny Brown, Comedienne

Comedienne, entertainer and writer Sunny Brown was Patricia Leonard’s guest and they had a lively conversation about women in comedy.  Sunny talked about her discovery of comedy, blogging, the amazing story of debuting her one-woman show, finding her audience, and many Hello, Self.. moments.

Ranny Levy, KIDS FIRST! / Coalition for Quality Children’s Media

Ranny Levy, Founder and CEO of KIDS FIRST!, a program of the Coalition for Quality Children’s Media, and host Patricia Leonard discussed children, the media, and the KIDS FIRST! program which teaches children to be film critics. Ranny offered her thoughts on education, described the experiences of the children, the popularity of the program, teaching kids to be critical thinkers, and much more.

Cassandra Finch, Plant Power U

Cassandra Finch, holistic health coach at Plant Power U, and host Patricia Leonard had a lively conversation about how we eat,  how it impacts our energy and those around us. Cassandra discussed sleep, inflammation, attending to what our bodies are telling us, the changes her clients are experiencing, and much more.

Alie Stewart, Ragana Creative

On this episode of Hello, Self…, Patricia’s guest is Alie Stewart. Alie is an Emmy-nominated producer, consultant, and owner of Ragana Creative. She shares with Patricia the Hello, Self.. moments that changed her life, including reading Be Here Now by Ram Dass, her subsequent travels, and how she found her stride following her intuition. She and Patricia also talk about the culture differences locally and in other big cities, the value of the diversity in Nashville, and how that fuels expression and Alie’s work.

"Crafting Your Resume," with Patricia Leonard

Host Patricia Leonard presents “Crafting Your Resume”, a class she has taught to hundreds of people privately and in large organizations. Patricia takes great care to lay out the reasons a current resume is so valuable, how it benefits you regardless of where you are in your career journey, and  the importance of having it on your LinkedIn profile. Patricia details each section of the resume and its critical elements, as well as guidance on finding and making the most of opportunities. Throughout the class are nuggets of wisdom about owning your talents and skills, taking ownership of your work, effective communication, and building confidence.

Dr. Kathy Britt, Minister and Licensed Realtor

Dr. Kathy Britt, an ordained minister and licensed realtor, joined Hello, Self… She shared with host Patricia Leonard the many Hello, Self.. moments in her life, how God leads her, how to listen, and her life experiences. She talked about being led to go to real estate school at 50, her Emotionally Healthy course, stories from her work at the Debra K. Johnson Rehabilitation Center, and much more.

Dwain Curtis, Makeready

Dwain Curtis, Corporate Director of Hotel Operations at Makeready, joined host Patricia Leonard. Dwain described his journey through the hospitality industry from banquet house person to now Senior Director of Hotel Operations. He talked about the decision to move to Nashville, his work now with Makeready, how their values align with his, the impact of Patricia’s book, Hello, Self…, and much more.

Arlia Hoffman, The Women's Agency

Arlia Hoffman, Founder and CEO of The Women’s Agency, joined host Patricia Leonard for a conversation about Hello, Self… moments, spiritual awakenings, and the path to living life true to oneself. Arlia shared her personal story, how she got into podcasting and producing, the value of podcasting in today’s climate, how she helps her clients and much more.

Rae Greenip, The Customer Relationship Solutionist

Rae Greenip, The Customer Relationship Solutionist, talked with host Patricia Leonard about being a successful entrepreneur. She and Patricia discussed how she began the business, challenges and lessons she’s learned along the way about herself, and advice for other entrepreneurs about using social media and honoring your own gifts.

Rick Simpson, Owner of FranNet of Middle & West Tennessee

Rick shares with Patricia about how he worked his way up from humble beginnings to a long and successful career. He and Patricia discussed the skills he acquired along the way, learning to read and manage people of all levels, advocating for those he saw had potential, his own Hello, Self.. moments when he knew it was time to retire, and much more.

Donna Drehmann, Author of Things Lady Likes

Donna Drehmann, author and customer experience leader, shares her career journey and the events that led to writing two children’s books and self-publishing. Donna discussed the Hello, Self… moments that led to her personal shifts, the value of leveraging her networks, her volunteer work, her learnings, and much more.

Dan Aronoff, Owner of FranNet of Middle & West Tennessee

Dan shares about his career journey and the events that led him to get into franchise coaching. He talks about the key factors before starting a business, considerations and benefits when choosing to buy a franchise, the importance of community for business owners, and much more. Dan  works to match his clients’ personal, professional and financial goals with national franchise companies and coaches on how to thoroughly search for and evaluate franchise opportunities. 

Cindy Allen-Stuckey, Author of "The Shift Café: How to STEP into the POWER of your POTENTIAL"

Cindy Allen-Stuckey, speaker, coach and author of The Shift Café: How to STEP into the POWER of your POTENTIAL, joined host Patricia Leonard. Cindy shared her personal path, the Hello, Self.. moments that led her to start her own company and then write her book, how she gets creative working with clients, the “sips” in her book, and much more.

Terry Warren, Executive Coach and Author of The Art of Choice

From humble beginnings in Tennessee, Terry Warren was the first in his family to go to college. He went on to have a successful career and now is an executive coach, artist, and author of The Art of Choice. He shared with Patricia his story and the lessons he learned along the way, including asking for what you want, shifting your perspective, the secret ingredients he has seen in his clients that make them successful, and much more.

Joshua Kangley, Mind Shift 2022 and Host of Mind Shift with Joshua Kangley

Joshua Kangley, host of the Mind Shift with Joshua Kangley podcast and editor of Mind Shift 2022 joined Patricia Leonard to recount how they first met, the profound impact of their friendship, and his path to being an author, podcast host and blogger. He and Patricia chatted about mindset, positivity, the decision to leave a corporate career to find what makes you happy, and much more.

Jamie Simpson, J Simpson Photography

Jamie Simpson, owner of J Simpson Photographer, joined host Patricia Leonard on this episode of Hello, Self… Jamie talked about her winding journey through corporate work to returning to her love of photography, building a business working newborns, and more.

Tiffany Young, Tiffany Young Productions

Tiffany Young, a filmmaker and owner of Tiffany Young Productions, joined host Patricia Leonard to discuss the Hello, Self.. moments she encountered throughout her life, leading up to creating her own production company. Seeded in a camera she had in high school, Tiffany never stopped loving being behind a camera and creating. Enjoy her story as she and Patricia talk about the rewards of following one’s own inner voice.

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