Transitioning to a New Career

Building Mentoring and Coaching Relationships

Writing a Book

Creating a Collaborative Culture

Starting a New Business

Developing Personal and Professional Power

Defining Career Management Strategies

Discovering What Makes You Happy

The purpose of the RUNWAY:

Programs, workshops and customized
for the accomplishment of
client goals and strategies.


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Runway to Success Option One – (2-4 hour) Group Workshop

  • Group Size (10 or less Attendees)
  • Client Focused Topics
  • Includes Book
    (The NOW, HOW and WOW of Success)
  • Some topic possibilities:
    • Resume Writing
    • Writing a Book
    • Starting a Business
    • Leadership & Power
    • Breaking the Glass Ceiling
    • Confidence and Self Esteem
    • Career Management

Runway to Success Women’s Group Series Option Two – (2 hour) Workshop Series

  • Group size – (unlimited)
  • Series of 10 Sessions
  • Includes Book
    (The NOW, HOW and WOW of Success)
  • Webinar or Face to Face Presentation
  • Resume/BIO Review & Reformatting
  • Topics Offered
    • The Millennium Woman
    • Personal Branding
    • Confidence & Self Esteem
    • Power & Leadership
    • Seeing No Glass Ceiling
    • Cooperation and Competition
    • What Women can Learn from Men
    • Entrepreneurial Pros & Cons
    • Defining Career Management
    • Finding Your Runway

Option Three – One-to-One Coaching Sessions For Business/Department Leaders

Possible areas of focus:

  • Professional Development
  • Career Management/Change
  • Role Change Preparation
  • MBTI and Appropiate Assessment Session
  • Language and Presentation Power
  • Organization/Department Management
  • Resume/BIO Competency Update


Top Challenges Facing Career Minded Individuals
  1.  Don’t know how to figure out what you really want.
  2. Don’t know where to go with your career and/or life transition.
  3. Once you figure out what you want you don’t know how to get it.
  4. Don’t know what you have to offer.
  5. Don’t know how to find opportunities for career or life transition.
  6. Don’t know how to open doors for career or life transition opportunities.
  7. Don’t know how to format a BIO or resume properly.
  8. Don’t know how to tell your story.
  9. Don’t know how to focus on what you need to do first, second and on and on.
  10. Don’t know how to create a career or life strategy plan.
Do any of these challenges speak to you?


RUNWAY TO SUCCESS for individuals:

  1. Find a career and job fit
  2. Change career directions
  3. Explore entrepreneurship
  4. Lead and manage in the corporate world
  5. Re-enter the workforce after an absence
  6. Clarify an education & career focus for students
  1. Find a work/career you love
  2. Learn how to change your career direction
  3. Discover ways to re-enter the workforce after an absence
  4. Start your own business
  5. Remove the blocks of a glass ceiling
  6. Change your job search to a career management strategy
  7. Determine your education and degree focus

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The Runway to Success Career & Business Learning Center provides classes, tools, techniques and coaching that educate and empower through a practical “do it yourself” approach.

Schedule a Runway to Success one-on-one with Patricia focused in career management / resume review / interview practice / strategic career planning

Take a “DIY” course in creating a state-of-the-art resume / preparing for an interview / defining your career roadmap / guidance on managing your career goals / navigating entrepreneurship 


Thank you for another motivating RUNWAY session on Tues. night. Your presentation was inspired AND inspiring–I felt like I was full throttle by the time you finished…ready for take off. I cannot wait for the August meeting. It is a privilege to be part of such a bright and talented group of people

Elizabeth Braswell,

Elizabeth Braswell,

RUNWAY Participant.

I always find your sessions personally meaningful and rewarding.

Carol Karr

Carol Karr

RUNWAY Participant.

Our class last night was one of those “small joys and minor miracles” for me, and I thank you so very much. Today I’m enthusiastically re-energized to step into my “North”…now knowing just a bit more where I’m headed. Many thanks for helping to point the way!



RUNWAY Participant

I love when she asks people their dreams and if they do not know, how she gets them turned around! You have to attend her conference! I will be at the next one!

Catherine Monceaux

Catherine Monceaux

Owner/CEO Shabby Lane Shops