If life required a license for living; many would be in jail for an expired license.  Are you one of them?


You do not have to answer that question just now.  I want you to read this article first because I spent a lot of time and brain power writing it…and it is guaranteed to cause you to update your license if it has expired.  OR, AT LEAST FEEL GUILTY ABOUT NOT UPDATING IT… and risk being an offender!!!


Recently, a client called and asked for my help in thinking through a life changing decision.  As we sat there, she explained what had transpired in her life over the last few years and closed with her present situation.  Looking into my eyes, she wrapped up her storytelling with this statement, “I am so frustrated with my life and I feel helpless about which way to go… or even worse what direction I want to go.   I am at a crossroads and I need your help.”  She said, “My soul is screaming for expression and my head is delivering messages of only fear and doubt.”


Over the next hour we carefully crafted a three year vision.  Then returned to the story of her present situation and the decision that was weighing heavily on her.  With more clarity about the road ahead she agreed,  it was now much easier to look at the path outlined and see their impact on the vision and goals she had just defined.  Within a few minutes a choice was made and a plan was quickly put in place for immediate action to begin.


Looking back on that happening, it is amazing to me. how we all reach out to another for helping us with our life and professional choices; almost, as if others have the correct answers.  Authors have made millions over the years writing the books that we purchase hoping for answers.  We have all spent many dollars and invested major amounts of time in reading those self-help and ‘how to’ books; hoping that the answers would be magically revealed to us in the author’s lines.  And, I am not saying, that reading another’s story or viewpoint is not helpful in offering options and ways to approach our own situation.  After all, I too,  write books and purchase books to expand my thinking.


But in this article, I just want to explore the question as to why do we all struggle with trusting ourselves to make a choice; instead of giving ourselves a valid license to proceed.


What I have discovered in my coaching and in my own life is…

  • We often know what we want; but may feel unqualified
  • We need more confirmation about our soul’s nudge
  • A second opinion seems to validate our license to drive forward
  • There is a longing for resolution; yet the GPS has not been programmed
  • A fear of the first step… because of that ‘what if’ voice
  • We either totally give up or commit to drive forward out of frustration


Trust that the answer is always within; and speaking it out loud exposes the sound of it to our mind, physical body, inner soul and emotions.  The telling of the story and the ‘why’ goal are so critical.  That is why coaches, consultants, books, friends and professional associates are important aspects in validating our ‘license for living’.


The asking of the question and the telling of the story surrounding the situation allows each of us to more clearly realize the choices we face and the possibility of the outcomes hoped for.  Once the obvious appears; it frees us to put a stake down on a decision with more confidence and stop the indecisive spinning.


With that said, now back to the initial question that started this article.  Do you have a ‘license for your living’?  Is it current?  Are you taking advantage of the benefits it affords you?  Are you stepping up to living fully the dreams you have in your heart?  By birth you have all been given a license to live your dreams…to let that license expire and just exist in life is not an option.  Search your heart, find your dream, engage the support necessary and renew your ‘license for living’ today.


Jail time will be required for offenders, you can count on that!!!


Patricia Leonard, Speaker, Coach, Trainer