Reading a friend’s recent Face Book posting about a plant and its story, I was reminded of an important life lesson and decided to share it.

The story begins with pumpkins and gourds that were discarded last year into a leaf compost pile after thanksgiving.  Now one would think that the pumpkins and gourds would decay and mix with the other plants and earth to become the compost.  However, when there is a desire and passion to be more all things find a way to reinvent themselves.  Instead of becoming the compost the seeds lay dormant through the winter months with a vision of becoming more. The photos posted above give you an idea of the seed’s deeper intentions!

While viewing the photos on Face Book, I was reminded of the life lessons depicted in this event.  We as individuals (and, I now realize plants, too) make choices in our lives when events happen that may not fit ours.  What is your typical response to a disappointment or event that did not fit your expectations?

Take a lesson from the pumpkin and gourd.  Just because life and career roads get bumpy, throw up road blocks and detours, are closed for repair or come to a dead end; that is no reason to give up on your dreams and goals.  Let it empower you to rise above what seems like the end and create your own outcome.  The gift in an ending can be the start of a new beginning!

Our present transitioning society welcomes the reinvention of life and career choices.  As a matter of fact, it occasionally tosses you onto what seems like a compost pile so you can discover that you are ready for a new experience in life.  You may go through a dormant or frustrating time just as the pumpkin and gourd did… before you realize it and become focused on your RUNWAY TO SUCCESS!

It is amazing that the seemingly simple happenings each day, when reviewed deeper, may reveal brilliant and encouraging life and career lessons.  Every day is filled with opportunities to empower us to explore our soul for deeper meaning and to reach for higher goals for the day than the day before.

I am grateful I live in these inspiring times and can motivate others to celebrate themselves, to believe that their goals are possible and to have the opportunity to guide them through my coaching and speaking career.  I like seeing pumpkins, gourds and individuals increase their value and contribution by seeing beyond what is and creating a vision of what can be.

Patricia Leonard

Empowerment Speaker/Coach


July 2019