Recently, Seth Godin, highlighted in his blog, a very important question for each of us to ask ourselves.  And I am asking you (and, myself) that question right now!   Do you see your life as a series of events or a journey?  He says the two options are easy to confuse.  Let me help you clarify according to Seth Godin’s definition.

He suggests, an event happens on a certain date, then it’s over, nothing more to be done.  While a journey might include a significant event; however, it’s bigger than that one happening.  For example: 

  • A wedding is an event, a marriage is a journey expanding that initial event; the wedding.
  • The week a book is published is an event, while the creation, publication and lifespan of the ideas in the book are a journey.

The focus and energy we lavish on events can easily distract us from the journey we truly desire from life.  Often an event is experienced as a one-and-done journey!  When we see life as a one-and-done event rather than the beginning of a life and career journey; living becomes just a series of starts and stops with highs and lows.  This can be a reason why so many feel unfulfilled in their life and career.  Without the connection of events as part of a journey, the feeling of endless doing with little fulfillment, takes its toll on one’s motivational energy.

Interestingly enough, it was when I wrote my last book titled “Hello, Self…”, that I finally realized my previous books had different titles; however, the content followed a similar message.  I had been so into creating another event without realizing I was really on a journey in my writing, coaching and business goals.  In this fast paced world of distractions, we can get so caught up in the events of the next BIG thing; and fail to see life itself as a celebratory ongoing journey!  

Ask yourself this question:  Are you living your life for the next event high; or enjoying each day with the awareness of life as an ongoing journey.