The illness of discord is more contagious than any virus we know of today (my unscientific evaluation)!  It seems easier to get on the bandwagon of disunity in a society focused on seeing the ‘ain’t it awful’ or ‘ain’t they awful’; rather than being ‘thankful’ for what we have and seeing ‘greatness’ in others. 

Making our mission, as a society, to be all about creating discord causes us to miss a fabulous opportunity for creating social unity.  It is so easy to fall in line with those who spread discord; especially when our personal life and career is boring or seems to be going no place.  Those side trips of buying into another’s discord only delay getting on with our own business of living.  Staying centered with our vision on creating a world where everyone feels like a winner is the antidote for overcoming the social disease of discord and disunity. 

Sadly, in our schools, families, businesses, politics and in general our society, the ‘in-thing’ is to join the chorus of discord and disunity. So many individuals are addicted to speaking negatively about another person, blaming the system for a lack of their success, viewing themselves as a gender victim, holding onto anger at someone or something for a lifetime, addressing a person’s victory as a result of who they knew, seeing another’s possessions as a sign of elitism or snobbery, and on and on.  It takes more energy to live that life model than it does to commit to a life model of being grateful and encouraging a better quality of living for all.

A house united is more powerful than a house divided.  A society united is more impactful than a society divided.  A business united is more successful than a business divided.  A political system united is more effective than a political system divided.  A life united with higher thinking is happier than a life divided by tumultuous disorder. 

A society of unity can begin with each of us creating a contract with our egos to let go of the need for power, control, greed and competition.  Will you commit to creating unity and finding greatness and thankfulness in your life and in the world for, at least, the next 3 days? It all begins with… You! Us!

Patricia Leonard


Inspirational Speaker, Coach, Author

(I was inspired to write this after listening to a Joel Osteen program.)