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The Value Of Celebrations

As mentioned earlier, the WOW step may be the most critical of the three elements of this guidebook. Here is why.

We all love to be recognized and acknowledged when reaching our goals, making forward movement and progressing. It is important to receive acknowledgement for feeding our motivation and inspiration. We typically only celebrate final outcomes. The recognition of the small accomplishments along the way is what keeps us on the path when the road gets bumpy and the rains fall on our parade.

Our society is great at practicing celebration at a macro level but less effective at celebrating at the micro level. And for us, we are taught from childhood to be seen and not heard. We are told, “Work hard and you will be recognized.” That teaching does little to acknowledge celebration as a motivator and critical element for energizing one’s spirit.

When you think about it, celebration is for the accomplishment of some reached and sought after goal. Celebrating accomplishments keeps us motivated and encouraged and may motivate others to go after their goals and dreams. After all, when others see you reach your dreams that may ignite a spark in their passions and create a ripple effect of goal setting and celebration. When we celebrate our accomplishments we inspire others to celebrate events and joys in their lives. AND—the world needs more celebration, that’s for sure! Read more

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