Am I reflecting who I see myself to be?

A SEASON OF AWAKENING.  June is typically a season of new beginnings, progress, blossoming of things, launching new projects and kicking off new life and business goals. This magical time typically offers a fresh start and an opportunity to create who we wish to be in the remainder of the year and beyond. Maybe starting with being the best human being we can be, would be a fabulous beginning point.

When we change … our world changes, is a quote we hear often.  However, self-reflection may be difficult since we have for years fooled ourselves about who we are or followed what we thought others expected of us or became caught up in society’s definition of women (and, men)!  Yes, it is true, we may have begun to believe that who we see in the mirror is really who we are.  However, we are all aware that what we see and experience is only our perceptions of what we see and experience

And since much of life is about performing, we are masters of our craft.  We go to school to become smart, we get a job to become a professional, then find a partner to become a spouse and, if interested… have children and become a parent.  The life school has cast us in so many roles; our true human self may be diluted!

It may be time to take off the mask of false identify as the masquerade is over. REAL is necessary to make the transformative shifts that are required in the healing of our own lives and the healing of the global planet. For each of us it may begin by having an honest conversation with our I AM…; since it is at that point that the shift must begin.  Shakespeare said, “This above all: to thine own self be true.’

As a life and career coach, I can attest to the fact that few individuals totally know who they (including me) are, and would choose not to waste their time in search of that inner aspect of self.  Truthfully, that inner stuff is tough to define.  As a matter of fact, former General Electric, CEO, Jack Welch, once famously said, “The soft stuff is the hard stuff.”  Actually, he was talking about the culture in a corporation, which is also considered soft stuff in society.

You may be asking yourself, why address the topic of ‘self-reflection’ in a Women in Film and Television online magazine.  The arts are one of the first driving forces impacting and transforming a society… and global planet.  The various artforms can shift viewpoints and offer awareness through verbal and visual avenues.

Art influences society by changing opinions, instilling values and translating experiences across space and time. … Art in this sense is communication.  It allows people from different cultures and different times to communicate with each other via images, sounds and stories. Art is a key vehicle of social change.  And, yes, it begins first with each of us reflecting on our own life and behaviors.  Secondly, we must use our organizations to empower membership to be conduits in transforming a society of human beings that truly engage in inclusion and respect… for self and others.

The truth is we are evolving daily as human beings.  That requires being mindful in every moment; a huge task while living in this ever-shifting, fast-paced culture.  Can you imagine how we might respond to others and situations, if we checked in on our feelings and thoughts prior to speaking or taking an action?

As I close out this sharing, I leave you with a question to ask yourself.  Is your ‘I AM’ reflection honoring and reuniting your own body, mind and spirit?  If so, you are positively impacting this age of planetary transformation?  Bravo!



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