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Recently, I decided to get serious about finishing a book I started writing in 1998.  The title is: THE LISTENING AND THE KNOWING… a journey of life and purpose.  My return to this work has taken me on a journey of discovery that I have always been curious about; yet, had not totally experienced. 

In these recent experiences, I ask myself… is it me, or is it the times?  Is it a part of maturing or is it the universe in transition?  Regardless, of what it is, my goal in sharing these discoveries is to offer insight to you that might improve the quality and richness of your living.

So, what is it I am experiencing, you may be asking?  And, to be honest… it is really difficult to put into words as our language does not adequately express the KNOWING we often experience. So here goes and I hope it resonates with your own living or causes you to pay attention to the happenings in your life.

So many synchronicities began happening as I paid more attention to what I was writing about in the book.  As I researched and allowed the flow of the writing to take its own path, I became more aware of my knowing’s or gut feelings about many elements of my living. For example, I found that I was observing myself in various situations by consciously standing outside my personal biases, my present thinking and my past experiences and just observing how I felt at any given moment.

And, as part of my exploring, I decided that before I would make a firm decision about anything I was contemplating, I would ask for a confirming sign. Sometimes, I would get the sign before I actually made my decision and other times the sign would come afterwards. But, I would always get a sign or knowing… and usually a very clear one.

Having lived much of my life this way, the experiences were not totally new for me. However, something that was different now; was that my ego and self-doubt were not as powerful in convincing me that the signs I received were really just my imagination and not a real sign.  I began finding that the more I trusted the more confirmations I received in all aspects of my life.

This awareness has made me less affected by things not going my way and trusting that all is happening the way it is suppose to.  I follow leads that my KNOWING (intuitive or gut feel) gives to me and for most part, just go with the flow.  Do I always know where I am going… not exactly; but it does not mean that I am lost either; even though my ego and others may at times try to convince me I am.  My internal GPS seems to have me show up at the right place even if it is not the destination, I originally keyed in.

In the past, I would have beaten my self up for being this patient with life and living, however; for most part I am content with not having to make all the decisions and just trusting my KNOWING or SPIRITUAL SELF, or HIGHER POWER, or WHATEVER???  Living is so much freer and more beautiful when we let go of all those self-inflicted responsibilities and trust that the journey and destination we contracted for this lifetime is in perfect order.

This sharing may sound ridiculous to some and make perfect sense to others; however, I suggest to all of you; try paying more attention to the signs you get in life and trust that your KNOWING is wiser than your EGO.  Become aware of all the gifts the universe has to offer when you step outside the walls you have allowed EGO to build around you.

May this sharing enrich you life and living. Warmly, Patricia


Patricia Leonard

Empowerment Speaker, Coach, Business Seminar Leader

President of Patricia Leonard & Associates