Excerpt One from Patricia Leonard’s Now, How and Wow of Success Guidebook
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SUCCESS is…Finding What Makes Your Heart Sing…. Many Dream, Fewer Pursue…Will You?

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Some of the most unlikely people to succeed in life do so—how do they succeed? It’s simple. They begin!

In each of us there exists the desire to find and live our purpose and passion. It is the precise reason why we are on this planet. There are all sorts of how-to-books, coaches, school counselors, mentors and sponsors to help us determine our purpose and passions. Yet, many in life still confess they are unclear. It all begins with us. How do we find out what our heart really desires?

Much of that clarity comes when we slow down, become quiet and shake ourselves free from the society chatter about who we should be and what we should be doing at a given point in our lives. Those ‘shoulds’ often come in conflict with our heart’s desires. So much of our personal and professional focus comes from our head thinking and not from what our heart is singing! We need both.

To have something or someone define your direction can get you motivated initially. However, the key motivator is to discover your own passion and define your own purpose. A note about purpose: Your purpose is really a journey of your intentional life—one that brings fulfillment through each life phase. We have made the term purpose become our prison by elevating it to an illusion that only a few get the opportunity to experience. Truthfully, purpose is not some special trophy sprinkled with fairy dust; purpose is intentional choice. If your choices are delivering the intentions and satisfaction you desire you are living your purpose. Living purposefully leads to a dance with passion.

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