Excerpt Two from Patricia Leonard’s Now, How and Wow of Success Guidebook
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SUCCESS is…Finding What Makes Your Heart Sing…. Many Dream, Fewer Pursue…Will You?

NOW, HOW & WOW of Success Book Cover

Focused on moving you from beginning to winning!

  • There are three key steps that will engage your passion and inspire you to pursue your dreams. They are the NOW, HOW and WOW.
  • These Three-Steps will help you kick-start your commitment by providing a process for getting started and guidelines for maintaining momentum.
  • The progress focus is established in three-month increments.
  • The possibility of living the dream you desire will motivate and inspire you to commit the time it takes to work the steps outlined.
  • The guidebook is specifically designed with simplicity and ease in working the steps. We are all anxious to see results when we once make up our mind to do something; this book offers a straightforward action approach with benchmarks.
  • The opportunity is to commit a short amount of time to jumpstart your passion, declare a goal, and design the vision of what you want the outcome to be. Once this is clarified, periodically reviewing your journey will provide confirmation of progress.
  • A commitment to work your plan is most critical in your journey from beginning to winning. Choose to be committed to your commitments.

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