In 2006 John Mayer recorded a song titled, “Waiting on The World to Change”.  In an interview by the Daily Mail in December, 2007, he said, “Most of us are happy to wait for change.”  He says, we see everything that is going wrong with the world and those who lead it, we just feel like we don’t have the means to rise above and beat it.

ARE YOU SETTING IN YOUR HOME, OR OFFICE, OR CIRCLE OF FRIENDS SAYING “I wish things would change…I am ready to start living and find work that I really enjoy?  If you are making similar kinds of statements, then this blog is important for you to read.

I am a speaker, career and business coach, author, songwriter, actress, senior and an ‘anything else I decide to do’ professional.  My life and career journeys have taken me on bumpy gravel roads, highways closed for resurfacing, life changing detours of cultural and societal roadblocks and personal and professional barriers that sometimes crushed my self-confidence and sense of direction.  Call me impatient and/or bullish; it seemed my only resolve was always to keep moving forward.  All of those experiences have led me to adopt this motto for my living:  LIFE IS A GIFT; THE WAY YOU WRAP IT IS YOUR CHOICE’.

If you are looking outside yourself for the changes… good luck!  We can all hide behind excuses of why we have to live miserably in this world; and say it is because of someone else’s or the government’s actions… that is just an avoidance of responsibility.  Instead of spending energy looking at what is wrong and what is keeping you from your full potential and dreams… start looking at how you can re-direct that energy to creating your dreams.  Or is the real reason for your excuses because you do not have a clue of what you really want; or how you could make anything happen?

My guess is that many who are reading this do not know exactly what they want.  We are all great at defining what we don’t want but ‘suck’ at defining what we truly want.  Some of that is because we lack self-confidence and self-worth.  The old world (last year) was programmed mostly around someone else defining our life and career.  The manager would promote us based upon the structure of the company or the union negotiated contracts.  So, we worked hard, got to work on time and followed all the rules, then waited for the gift of promotion to be bestowed upon us.  Some waited and some created!

This is the beginning of a new decade; and frankly, the beginning of a new world order… of which we can be the designers.  Now is the perfect time to decide what you truly want to accomplish in the next five years in your life and career.  The old systems and structures are broken and awaiting the new to form (to be created by you and others) … a perfect time for writing your place in the redesign.  Don’t wait for everything to go back to normal (that normal you knew prior to the beginning of 2020 is over) this is the new normal… It is up to you to create your new normal.

The first step required is to stop waiting for something to change.  The change must begin with you, in you and for you.  Start today by defining where you will be and what you will be doing five years from now.  Then clarify what you have to do to prepare yourself to get there.  Examples:  Write you goals on paper, create a strategy with benchmarks, document your value in a state-of-the-art resume, then learn how to verbally sell your value and interests.  You are the creator of your life… stop waiting on someone else to do it for you.  As a result of your actions, you will change what is, to what can be… for your life and career!

What John Mayer, says in one line of his song is so appropriate to highlight as the closing statement to this blog. The line is:

“It’s hard to beat the system
When we’re standing at a distance”.

Let me help you jumpstart your career and business goals!

Patricia Leonard, President

Runway to Success