In the time during this stillness in the universe and world, it is funny how I have been aware of many small details that had not been so clear to me in the past.

One of those happenings became very obvious this morning.  I was going through my usual morning routine of making my bed, brushing my teeth, washing my face and combing my hair.  Only this morning, my attention was drawn to what I was observing while looking at myself in the bathroom mirror.  I was completely blown away by something I experienced and was able to see so clearly.

Just the morning prior, I had gone through the very same routine and had experienced the exact opposite.  The contrast of the same routine on two different days was mind blowing.  It was as if I was seeing through an entirely different lens or sight mindset.  And yet, nothing had changed in my physical world to create such a shift.  It showed up so clearly, almost as if trying to get me to pay attention.  And, it definitely got my attention!

I am a woman in her senior years; and if I must say so myself; have held up pretty well for my age.  While, I know that lightening and a few key adjustments by a photographer’s camera can make a significant difference in a photographic image, a mirror will always share the honest truth.  At least, I had thought that to be true.

Well, what I am about to share was even a shock to me; and I had to look twice.  After cleansing my face and washing off the cleanser, as usual; I looked at myself in the mirror.  Amazed by what appeared I looked again.  “You look younger today than you did yesterday,” I said to myself.  Still continuing to talk to myself, I said, “funny how yesterday I only saw wrinkles and a body in decline; today I am seeing a different vision.  (And, no, I did not get new glasses for those of you laughing!).

Now, we both know that nothing that great happened to my face and physical body overnight.  So, what was it?  What causes us to see and experience ourselves, others and situations in totally different ways.  Nothing about me had really changed or had it?

I am not even sure what changed to tell you the truth as I was not looking for or expecting anything; but to see if I had removed all the cleanser.  What I saw just was… and yet; it caught my attention.

One thing I am noticing now… in slowing my lifestyle with this period of required universal stillness; I am more focused on an inner perspective of gratefulness.

The truth is, I do have a few wrinkles and my body is not that of a 20-year-old model. Obviously, I am being reminded by the universe, to take a more positive view of myself and my gifts, talents and accomplishments.  Maybe that is the key reason for my image change in the mirror.

However, an even more profound conclusion is that maybe we would all see things different if we slowed down, paid attention and were less critical of ourselves and others.  This stillness journey in our present life is a chance to paint a new landscape for an emerging society.  This new worldview is the responsibility of YOU and ME.

With your commitment to honor that responsibility tomorrow and the days that follow, maybe we can all find a reason to be grateful and begin to experience… the difference a day makes!

Blessings, Patricia

Shared by:

Patricia Leonard

speaker, Author, Coach, Consultant

President of Patricia Leonard & Associates