We are now a society where what big business was; no long is, what big business is!

The large corporation falls short in creating the working environment expected by a culture now driven by true work life balance focused on family time and a desire to be more than a job robot!  Multiple tier businesses are of an old outdated business model now struggling to meet the speed of organizational change required and failing to meet the entrepreneurial spirited workforce of today!

The last two years has set in place a ‘Hello Self’… revolution where people are designing and choosing their own work preferences whether a home based position or by developing a small business enterprise!  We are truly living today what Daniel H. Pink wrote about in 2002, in his book titled, “FREE AGENT NATION … the future of working for yourself”.

Big corporations will become smaller by utilizing specific services provided by small businesses and independent consultants!  This business model offers flexibility in changing times, independent work style choice, decentralized power and control, a focus on true customer experience and diversity in skill base and career experiences.

Great years ahead facing significant changes!


Patricia Leonard, Speaker, Consultant, Author

Patricia Leonard & Associates