A striving mindset is defined by continually challenging oneself.

A surviving mindset is defined by playing it safe and risking little.


I recently shared a blog on all my social media channels titled: ‘THE F-WORD’.  The responses offered a glimpse of the state of the world, perhaps?  But allow me to share my reasoning.

It received less likes and views than any of my sharing’s for some time. It may reflect a glimpse of the sense of vulnerability people are feeling in the world at the present time… you decide.  It may, also, indicate why few are hesitant to express their position by exploring the value of something because it is wearing the wrong attire, comes in the wrong color, is of another culture or is expressed differently. 

Exploring or reaching out to hear another person’s thoughts is not necessarily an acceptance or a buy-in of how they believe; it is simply a way of better understanding another’s point of view!  The gift in reaching out may be hearing new viewpoints and achieving a greater appreciation for the value of diverse thinking… and possibly learning something new.  

The vulnerability of allowing someone to see us put our toes in the waters of something questionable, causes many to just keep still and stay in a safe place.  However, nothing great has ever happened by playing it safe and allowing the noise and clutter to dilute our commitment to learning and progress. 

Hiding in the dark or burying one’s head in the sand does nothing to change our society… or ourselves. Staying in a comfort zone is not a thriving mindset, as earlier stated; and a surviving mindset of just playing it safe by saying nothing, agreeing with nothing, walking always on a guarded path and living life in a comfortable; yet, often uncomfortable place is pure existence. 

By at least exploring and sharing your choices or points of view, you allow others the opportunity to better understand and appreciate who you are authentically.  Self-expression is a manner of honor to oneself.  It appears many in our world just want to be accepted and fit in more than they desire to express, learn and contribute.  That approach to living will make our next 100 years less progressive, more passive and a culture of sheer survival. 

When I wrote the blog on the F-word, I debated and debated with myself about publishing it as I am a God centered woman.  However, I am also committed to inspiring the world to be explorers and contributors.   Sharing that possibly controversial blog title was an opportunity to get a glimpse into the state of risk individuals may be feeling at the present time.  It was interesting to see the small number of viewers and the even smaller number of likes received.  That may just be one measure of the world we are living in today…  be still, keep a low profile and stay safe by not sharing an opinion.

To those of you who may not have read the F-WORD blog  and may be wondering…

The ‘F’ stood for FEAR.  

My hope is that this follow-up blog will cause you to look inside yourself and assess how you are living your life.  Do you feel empowered?   Are you fulfilled?  Is there a lingering personal goal inside you?  Are you unclear about where to begin?  Will you choose to explore and risk stepping outside your comfort zone?  It all begins with you!

growth mindset is the belief that we can constantly develop and nurture our skills, helping us reach our full potential.  This maybe the perfect time to find out who you truly are and what you desire without any fear of judgement, risk or failure.   It requires getting to really know yourself and committing to starting… today!  It might take only a brief introduction to self to create the forward movement.  Simply starting with: HELLO SELF… it’s nice to meet you”; then allowing the conversation to begin.  


Maya Angelou’s quote may be worth carrying with you…     

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor and some style.


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Warmly, Patricia

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Carol Osborne’s book, “The Art of Resilience: 100 Paths to Wisdom and Strength in an Uncertain World”. “Make use of fear, not be ruled by it.

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