THE DECADE AHEAD… from coach ‘Stiletto’.                                                                                 

Deciding on my February 2021 blog, has been a deep and soul-searching experience.   Many are reaching out for hope, direction and uplifting moments to gain some sense of balance in their life as a result of a previous year of unbalance.  To make this writing light, and yet meaningful, I am seeking advice from a shoe; and specifically, the ‘Stiletto’ shoe.

It is my belief and often my approach to present an idea offering a different perspective and hopefully a moment of entertainment…  or at least, cause the reader to reread a line or two to ensure clarity.  An unexpected viewpoint from a shoe might bring a smile or possibly a big boisterous laugh; which experts says can be healing to the soul and physical body.  AND, I specifically, have a special relationship with shoes!!!  And, hopefully you will, too, after reading this article!

As a beginning, the ‘Stiletto’ shoe coach has suggested that Patti LaBelle’s, 1984 song, titled New Attitude says it all about what is needed to get this new decade moving forward and create a flourishing future!  The link below is intended to provide a jumpstart in preparing your mood for establishing a new attitude and opening your receptivity to the coaching thoughts being expressed by a shoe.


The initial advice from ‘Stiletto’ is that in order to acquire a new attitude we must let go of the flip-flop lifestyle behaviors we may have adopted as a result of the past year.  Then ‘Stiletto’ adds that what it takes now in order to move forward, is establishing a new direction and committing action to forward movement. 


The focus of that new direction must be understood and well-defined like the design of my shoe; ‘Stiletto’ points out.  For example, the sharp toe clearly suggests it is important to keep an eye pointing on the prize and the 3” heel offers an elevated perspective based upon a new view of the possibilities ahead.   Seeing the future from a new angle and different standpoint can inspire hope and lift spirits.


‘Stiletto’, highlights the fact that in order to see a productive future full of possibility requires defining a direction and benchmarking progress.  In this present state of existence, a clear vision, a plan and a new attitude are critical to any forward movement as an individual, society or world.   The shoe coach stresses that it is important to rise above the muck we may feel we are standing in presently; as a result of a yearlong pandemic.


To cultivate a new attitude and interest in forward progress, according to ‘Stiletto’, implies that a mind-shift and leader-shift focus are imperative to a successful transformation.  The mind-shift is one of continuing to support and create more positive approaches to managing business operations, revamping and enhancing educational approaches and maximizing the benefits from the already altered working lifestyles.

This shift, also, calls for letting go of a focus on positional power for control, highlighting the needs of expanding a workforce comprised of free agents, creating value and contribution through mentoring and coaching and re-thinking a variety of options for workspace and workplace.

‘Stiletto’ says, “We must look at what helps people feel connection, contribution and motivation as we create a new culture in this emerging environment.”  Naturally, getting out of a fashion rut of sweats and flip-flop living may energize the individual spirit in pursuing a renewed sense of understanding who we are and who we can be.  

The entertainment world has always been an inspiration and motivator in times of depression and despondency, the shoe coach declared.  Then after pausing for a moment ‘Stiletto’ stated that a specific movie and song lyrics come to mind about an inspiring story of hope and possibility.

The artistic healer suggested by the coach is the 1939 movie The Wizard of Oz, in which Judy Garland sang the song Somewhere Over the Rainbow – with uplifting lyrics stating that if birds can fly over the rainbow why then oh why can’t I?

At the close of the session, ‘Coach Stiletto’ remarked emphatically that the future for each of us, our communities, and our world has a lot to do with the attitude, support and respect shown for others.  The wicked witch learned in the movie The Wizard of Oz that hate destroys!  ‘Stiletto’ ended the coaching session with this C.S. Lewis quote:




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