(Not Woman vs Man)


Many shifts have taken place as this decade danced its way onto the stage of our society and culture in the first quarter of 2020.  Its introduction has created a sense of vulnerability and powerlessness in some, and; in others has awakened a sleeping giant.

This flip-flop environment has forced every individual, family, health professional, business owner and educational system to rethink what is really important and how to address each.  It requires a new beginning of sorts; starting with a focus on an inner assessment of who we are as humans in this environment of fear for what the future holds. This inner search is more about the discovery, and in some instances the rediscovery, of the feminine within… the nurturing characteristics each of us possess.


Every human being is made up of masculine and feminine aspects regardless of their gender definition.  A person’s choices, preferences, environment, education and life experiences all impact the development and strengthening of those specific attributes.

The beginning of this decade has forced many individuals outside their usual experiences of living; and, has caused sleeping traits to emerge allowing unusual behaviors and actions.  That process of trying to find balance in one’s masculine and feminine traits becomes very confusing, especially during stressful time.  An internal struggle may occur when the inner masculine expresses anger and asks ‘why is this happening’ and the inner feminine attempts to offer solace with the intention of maintaining some form of normalcy and understanding.  The results can lead to outbursts and out of control actions… such as those we have seen recently on the streets and online.

In this vulnerable stage; the masculine and the feminine can become confused about their individual roles.  In most cases, based upon past culture and teachings, the masculine has been given the position of strength… while the feminine was nice to have but was seen as a runner up in many environments.  However, in a topsy turvy culture and social climate, such as the one we have faced at the start of this decade, the feminine characteristics are key in healing such a transitioning and transforming environment. (regardless of gender).

The chaos of this year has forced us to take off the accepted societal masks of masculine and feminine being applied as a gender definition, and embrace each of us as total beings; encompassing both aspects.   As an outcome men will wake up to and accept their feminine; and women will wake up to and acknowledge their masculine.  Society will shed the belief that feminine is fragile and masculine is powerful.    This awakening will begin to eliminate the battle of the sexes, the glass ceiling perceptions, the ‘victim’ role excuses for careers, for races and for societal status levels.


In every, catastrophic event, there is something of value that can come from it once the dust settles.  2020 has tossed our world out of its comfort zone and forced the creation of new runways.  Take off the masks of who you thought you were, of how you saw the world and of what you expected from life!   Frankly, start looking forward and step on the newly forming runway to a diverse culture of compassion and respect, a letting go of gender competition and a realigning of our cultural, societal and world values. And now it is time to…


PATRICIA LEONARD, Speaker, Author, Coach, Performer

Patricia Leonard & Associate