Empowerment… A Key to Successful Capitalism

(Through Engaging Personal Confidence and Contribution) 


Recently, two friends asked me to join them for lunch.  It was a special event as we had not seen each other for over twenty years; even though we had started a part of our lives as special friends and coworkers.  Christmas cards and social media had been our source of connection and communication over the years.

The conversation at this reunion could have been the content for a great novel; highlighting the journey of two families with two different life experiences.  It was as if we could not speak fast enough about our adventures or inquire enough to ensure we did not leave the day with any life stones uncovered.  The food was wonderful; however, it mostly provided the nourishment our brains needed for such a nonstop workout.

Of course, you are probably wondering why I would be writing a blog to share about my reunion with a friend and coworker; and share it under a title of ‘Empowerment… A Key to Successful Capitalism (Through Engaging Personal Confidence and Contribution).  I must admit it sounds a little strange… so I will explain further.

After we finished lunch and were about to wrap up our visit, I suggested to my friends that a photo of this event would be nice… they agreed.  The issue was who would take the photo as we did not know another soul in the restaurant.  So being the bold personality I am, I stepped up from the table and approached a woman speaking with the bar staff and asked her if she would snap a quick photo of us.  She was very excited to accommodate.  After, the photo shoot, I introduced myself and thanked her for her kindness.  The next part of the conversation is what lead to this blog title and my sharing with you.

I inquired about the young woman’s career and joked about her new career focus of photographer. Career inquiry is a typical introduction question for me as I am a career and leadership coach.  Much to my surprise, she said she was a coach for one of the restaurant staff.  Now my curiosity was peaked asking her to share more.

Her client happened to be the young man who had greeted us on the street outside the restaurant with a sign pointing to this eatery.  He then followed us into the restaurant, picked up three menus, seated us and brought water and table settings.  Extremely nice and patron focused.

I asked her to tell me more about her work and the company she works with.  I was so impressed with what she shared that we exchanged business cards and agreed to connect on LinkedIn… and I am sure you will be impressed, too.  Her coaching services focus on empowering people with disability challenges to gain personal confidence and independence through productive contribution.  She was definitely successful with the young man who had encouraged us to select this place to dine, had helped seat us and so graciously welcomed us to enjoy our meal.  He was so filled with joy in having the job of serving us and being part of the restaurant staff; and they were just as happy having him on board.

On the way out the door, I saw an individual dressed in business clothing and asked if he was the manager of this restaurant, he said, “yes.”  It was my opportunity to compliment him on the fabulous food, the exquisite service and the professionalism of his entire staff.  Of, course, I did not miss the chance to acknowledge him for his contribution in reinforcing capitalism by giving individuals a chance to get off a government-controlled life of handouts and become productive.

I was not the only one happy for this manager’s commitment and the coach’s service… the young man who was given a chance to be a contributor was ecstatic about his important role, too!  The experience made my heart sing.

I am so grateful to God for opening my eyes to see and my mouth to speak about the great work that some are doing for the betterment of the world.  May this article impact you, the reader, to empower someone today to feel confident in contributing; the future of our global world success depends on it.


Capitalism is an economic system.  In it the government plays a secondary role.  People and companies make most of the decisions, and own most of the property.

 A reminder of the meaning of disempowerment:  ‘The forcible denial by one or more persons in a position of power over the rights and choices of another person or group!!!’ (socially, educationally, economically, politically and psychosocially).  

 Patricia Leonard, Empowerment Speaker, Coach, Author and Business Owner