With the doors opening to a new decade, many thoughts leap around in my head as to what can be expected in the coming years!!!

To stay mindful in a whirlwind of change in diverse thoughts, world views, individual biases, business transitions, society demonstrations and media and political gyrations requires a moment by moment self-awareness evaluation and commitment.  A revolution is brewing.  Not just an evolution, but a revolution.

What is happening reminds me of a statement made by author, John Naisbitt, years ago in his book Megatrends.  He said then, we are living in the time of the parenthesis, the time between eras.  He describes the parentheses as a time of bracketing off the present from both the past and the future; where we are neither here nor there; but straddling with one foot in the known and one foot in the unknown.

The time of the parenthesis is a time of change and questioning; and those who embrace the new era will be a quantum leap ahead of those who hold onto the past.  Changes, questions, challenges and possibilities represent the time of the parenthesis.  An exciting time if we view change and ambiguity as stimulating.

Although the time between eras is uncertain, it is a great and yeasty time filled with opportunity.  It is possible to achieve more during uncertain times than in stable times.  For in stable times, everything has a name and everything knows it place; whereas, in uncertain times things are chaotic and seem out of control; often leading to questioning what is.

During those times of questioning is when we seem most confused and off balance because we are so used to living on automatic.  Right now, I am going to step out on a limb and suggest that this shift taking place in our world today has impacted your life in some way!


This is a new decade!  The present world and our cultural and social systems are in chaos.  There is a willingness to toss it all out at times and start anew; and at other times there is a definite holding on to the old standard systems, styles and behaviors; in ourselves and in our society. These polarities without a willingness for negotiation or middle ground reconciliation leave an individual or society stuck in the parenthesis state.

We can be molders of a new life for ourselves and a new world society or we can continue to live in the past expecting something different in our becoming (future).  All great things have come from and through those who refused to continue living in the past; and were willing to step up to the responsibilities and possibilities of creating a great future.

This in the beginning of a new decade…  what is behind us is known; what is ahead for us is unknown.  Your choice not only impacts your becoming but the becoming of our society and world!  To create a new life for ourselves and a new society and new world order for all, requires beginning with our own self-becoming.  What leap of faith will you take to become more?  Your response will impact the becoming in your life and career, as well as the becoming of our society and ultimately the world!

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